"The thistle is a prickly flower, aye, but how it is sweetly worn."

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Young Living Giving- and Voices of the Martyrs

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I have been a part of Young Living since May, and have been sharing it since June.  I mentioned a few posts back about using my Young Living money- since it's technically lagniappe- to give back.  Then I looked at my budget, and realized maybe it's not all lagniappe.  Maybe it's the Lord being gracious to provide extra when my mortgage went up my a lot this year... and I am still paying off stupid medical bills from before I discovered oils...  But I'm still giving some.

Someone was asking me about this recently in reference to tithing and such.  I guess I didn't make that clear before.  I already tithe $270 a month to church as well as $38 a month to Compassion International.  That's $318 a month that I had already established to give which is about exactly 10% of my earnings.  When I said I was going to use Young Living to give back, I don't mean that it's my tithe.  My tithe is already accounted for.  This is extra (lagniappe).  This is me just enjoying being able to give back to The Lord who is truly the one behind growing anything that is happening with Young Living.  And this is more 'fun' than my tithes because I get to pick a different charity each month depending on what is on my heart that month.  

The checks come about a month after I've earned them.  Meaning I've received a check for earnings in June and now in July.  In June I used the whole $50 check to donate money to Catholic Charities of Dallas specifically the unaccompanied minors fund.  Those kiddos were on my heart then, and I got to do something about it!  This month what has been on my heart is Christian persecution within Islamic borders.  I hate what I am seeing.  I pray for God's mighty intervention and mercy on their behalf.  In America, we just forget how lucky we are that we can worship however we want.  This is NOT the case for many countries.  

I have long been a subscriber to the monthly publication of Voices of the Martyrs.  This particular organization goes behind enemy lines bringing needs, aid, Bibles, food, legal help, you name it to Christians who are currently imprisoned or in hiding for their faith.   I've read their publications for years, but just have never had the extra money to really get involved.  Thanks to Young Living, I can.  I was actually able to specifically donate money to help suffering Christians within Muslim counties through their donation page.  This is a huge blessing!  Of course we have all been praying.  But it's hard to know what else to do beyond that.  Young Living (and those of you who have joined my team) are helping me give back to them.  Again, it was $50 donated this month.  (My check was actually bigger, but some of it goes to the extras like Higley references which I buy for people who sign up under me, etc.)  Regardless, the Lord is able to use that to help those in need.  And that's amazing!  Young Living was a life change for me, I get to help people who sign up change their life too, and then donate money to further that life change.  The Lord is good!

For those of you interested, I would love to mentor you on your own journey.  There is opportunity to bless your family and then turn around and bless others.  Soli deo gloria!

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Community- and why it makes me love Young Living more

Today I'm thankful for community.  Often when I'm at church, we discuss the power of Biblical community and how walking together helps us grow in our relationship with the Lord.  This is certainly true, and I very thankful for the community group we joined earlier this summer.  There is something special about having a place of belonging and learning.

There are, of course. so many pockets of community in every life that are wonderful.  I'm thankful for the community of colleagues I work with at Savannah.  Just like my community group, it's a place where I belong, where I share what I'm doing as a teacher, and I learn from and am held accountable by other teachers.  This is my second year on this campus, and starting this year I can see how much I've learned from others, from my mistakes, and just the good that is my place there.

And I have the community of my friends and family.  The people who know me closely.  The ones I don't have to explain who I am or what I am because they already know.  This past weekend I met with my former team members/friends for our monthly-ish Chick Fil A play date at 7:30am Saturday.  It's such a sweet time of coffee and conversation while the kids play.

Yesterday afternoon I realized how thankful I was for a new community God graciously brought into my life- Young Living.  I realize that mlm companies can be weird for a lot of people.  And I totally would agree BUT those various levels in that mlm system are my mentors, new friends, and community.  Beginning a health journey like essential oils is so much more than just buying some oils and using them.  To do it well, knowledgeably, and consistently, requires community.  You could try to just buy it and get started.  But I think you'd miss out on so much.  I am so blessed by my access to the Sp.Oil.Ed living community, and the Essentially Speaking community, and the Anointed Living community.  All of these ladies are my various upline levels.  (And all of them live here in my neighborhood which is a bonus!)  And while there are these public forums, by my joining their communities, I received invites into private forums where we can share with each other our successes, ask each other questions, and just generally support each other.  Community- it's really the only way to do life.  And when you are doing something as important as taking charge of your health, community is a must.  I am so thankful for my EO community- and all the communities in my life.

**If you would like to be invited to join the Essentially Speaking and Anointed Living communities, email me at rinehartash@gmail.com.  Sharing with you my oily journey and guiding you is a wonderful privilege and one I am happy to share with all these ladies.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Release for this Captive

Anxiety- the more I talk openly about it, the more I realize there are a lot of us that suffer from it!  Here's my story:

I've always been given to being highly emotional, highly prone to overthinking, and obsessed with perfection.  So the groundwork was laid early on in my life for anxiety.  In 2006 I started dating my ex husband.  In 2008 we got married.  In 2009 I had Jude.  In 2010 I got divorced.  In 2012 I started having panic attacks and began taking xanax daily morning and evening.  About 6 months later, I switched it to lexapro in the morning and xanax at night to sleep.  In December of 2012, I tried to wean off it, but then started having panic attacks again.  Back on it I went.  I never have been able to not need it.

In 2014, I was introduced to doTerra which I used to help my body heal from strep.  I then started using lavender oil to help me sleep at night.  And I haven't taken a xanax since January!  I was still taking Lexapro daily though.  And anxiety was still a huge struggle.

In May of 2014, I decided to try Young Living because I had started researching oil companies.  And the more I researched the more I grew interested in what Young Living was doing, how they ran their company, how they used their seed to seal process, etc.  In the Young Living premium kit, you get 11 oils which includes 4 blends that are specifically for emotions!  You also get frankincense and lavender which help so much with emotions as well!  When I started using Young Living I had just started cutting down my lexapro dosage.  I was taking 20mg in Jan.  By May, I was taking 10 mg.  By June I was taking 5 mg.  And by the end of July I was at 2.5mg.  This is where I am now.  I fully expect to be off all medication by December!

Here's my daily protocol **

- Roll Valor on my chest over my heart, the back of my neck, the back of my shoulders, and my carotid artery.  Pray about being strong and courageous for the Lord is with me.
- Roll on Joy behind my ears and the base of my neck by my brainstem.  Pray about how the Joy of the Lord is my strength
- Roll Release over my liver and ponder Isaiah 61 and how the Lord came to release prisoners and proclaim freedom
- 2 drops of frankincense in a spoonful of honey
- 1/2 tsp of Natural Calm magnesium supplement along with a daily multivitamin, omega, and herb/enzyme pill

- round 2 of my multivitamin, omega, and herb/enzyme supplements
- reapply Valor and Joy in the same places

- reapply Valor and Joy if needed
- At bedtime, I use a roller with Peace and Calming, lavender, cedarwood, and vetiver to sleep.  I put in on the back of my neck, my temples, my wrists, on my stomach, and on my big toes.
- diffuse ylang ylang and lavender

The two months I have been following this protocol have made the most headway with my anxiety since I started this journey.  The Lord is good and He has surely blessed my life with these oils.  I don't want to give all the credit to oils though because at the same time I found Young Living, I also had finished an intense group at church called Redemption in which I really struggled through how anxiety was both caused by and exacerbated by my pride and idolatry.  The Lord certainly used that process to help me face some of the sin in my life that affected my anxiety.  However, as I finished Redemption, He was faithful to continue the healing process in my life by bringing along these Young Living oils which have definitely worked to carry His Word to completion.

The Lord is gracious.  He didn't set us here in this fallen world to stumble around aimlessly and always hurting.  He provided a creation that is equipped to heal us.  He spoke all these plants into life and filled their essential oils with the power to help us because He is Love.  I pray you would step out in faith and allow God to show himself mighty in your life as He has mine.  Feel free to email me at rinehartash@gmail.com.  If you would like to buy the premium kit that contains these oils I mentioned so you can start your own journey to joy, I would love to sponsor you and guide you.  Teaching others is one of my greatest joys!  Simply go to www.youngliving.com/signupwww.youngliving.com/signup and use the enroller/sponsor #1831568  May the Lord bless you and Keep you and Make His face to shine upon you as He is doing in my life!

** I am not a doctor and I cannot advise you in any way to make decisions for your health.  I have done all my weaning of medication under a doctor's supervision.  I am simply sharing my story and how The Lord has worked in my life through this process.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Throw Open the Floodgates

 Imogen (Idgie) my cute cruiser :)

The last few months my blog has taken you through my journey as I have tested and wrestled with Essential Oil companies.  Seeing that Young Living had great oils and a great 20 year long reputation was easy.  What I had to leave behind was not so easy. 

I was starting to make headway in the doTerra world in some ways.  I had 9 people on my team.  I was so excited to coach them and help them find wellness.  I was watching my goals be reached each month.  I averaged $1000 sold for 3 months straight.  It was exciting!

If I switched over to YL I'd have to leave all of that behind.  I wrestled with that so, so much.  And y'all can I just say I love how gentle The Lord is as he leads us!  I read bits from a devotional called "Streams in the Desert" through this period (and now as well) that just spoke to me.  Here are some things the Lord said as I wrestled:

"Abraham did not know where he was going- it simply was enough for him to know he went with God... You must also be willing to take your ideas of what the journey will be like and tear them into tiny pieces for nothing on the itinerary will happen as you expect."
~ The Lord was showing me that no, this essential oil journey didn't make sense.  And corporate American would think I was crazy to walk away from any amount of success.  Rest, rest in the fact that you are going with God, Ashley

"In times of uncertainty, WAIT.  If you have any doubt, WAIT.  If you sense any retraint in your spirit, do not go against it- WAIT."
~ I knew I needed to hold off on pursuing either.  Looking back, I could have did this better.  The last person that signed up under me with doTerra, I honestly have quite a bit of guilt over because I feel I wasn't honoring the Lord and waiting.  And in retrospect, I wish I could have introduced her to Young Living because that product would have been perfect for her.  Thankfully, the Lord is so patient with me.  I am still wrestling with this though.

Psalm 37:5- Commit your way to the Lord; trust him and He will do this.
~ I realized I had way too much grip on this.  I wasn't letting go, wasn't trusting, wasn't following.  My mom really convicted me when she said I sounded like I was idolizing my loyalty to a person, and not to the Lord.  

It was such a time of wrestling in my soul.  I just wasn't where the Lord wanted me to be.  At the time, I didn't even fully understand why or even where in some ways He wanted me to be.  I just knew He was calling me to leave one path behind.  I had to trust that this would turn out to be the right decision!  This verse has come to mean a lot this month, but it really applies to how I took God at his word.

Test me in this says the Lord Almighty and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it. ~ Malachi 3:10

Wow did the Lord do this!  Sometime after I announced my switching of sides, I happened to end up with someone signing up under me with Young Living.  I didn't even really think that much about it because I was also getting married, and just enjoying 'waiting on the Lord'. 

What I have realized is this- with doTerra I had to spend $100 a month to earn anything at all.  I got $20 per person who signed up.  With 9 people, I made $180.  There were some other sales commissions in there, which ended up getting to somewhere around $400 total.  I really wasn't leaving that much behind to be honest.

And then the floodgates opened- with Young Living I get $50 per sign up- and for sign up bonuses I only need to spend $50 a month.  It is SO much easier to have my oils pay for themselves with Young Living!  I have had 4 people sign up with Young Living and that is $200**- which is more than I made off 9 sign ups with doTerra.  Which is crazy!  Test and see that the Lord is good!  He is so trustworthy!!!!  His plan is so much better for me!  Not only are these oils amazing- but He provides more through them than I had any idea possible!  I get to these paragraphs of my blog posts and I run out of words.  There just aren't enough ways to praise The Lord for being faithful, for being sovereign, and all knowing, and wise, and trustworthy, and good, and loving.  He cares so much for me!  So so much- and the way He takes care of me, I don't know, I wish all of you could experience Him.  The way His arms enfold me in these moments of reflecting on his goodness!!!  I mean, I literally feel Him.

So praise to The One who knows what I need.  Praise to The One who is true to his word.  Praise to The One who is Alive and Proves himself daily.  Praise to the One whose 1000+year old promises I can claim as my own and watch him work!  Praise to my Provider!

** Because of His goodness, a large portion of Young Living earnings are being tithed out.  You can read about my latest tithing to Catholic Charities of Dallas unaccompanied minors on my blog :)  This is another way I'm testing to see what The Lord will do- but that is another blog entirely :)

If you are already using Young Living, I hope you know being on Essential Rewards and buying 50pv a month can be paid for by itself by simply sharing Young Living with 1 person each month.  How awesome is that- I love free oils!  Plus you earn minimum $5 a month on future oils!  Young Living is a great, great company to be a part of!

Email me about any questions @ rinehartash@gmail.com
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

On putting my money where my mouth is

I once blogged about giving of the fat of our lives and how that might have looked for me a couple years ago.  My 2012 theme was contentment seeking to reject more wordly things so I could give more.  Many clergy have sought this life through monasteries and such for years, so this is hardly profound.  But it's hard- In some ways, I have rejected some of these things, but other things seem to constantly fill their place.  I daily fight the urge to serve 2 masters.

I've justified that different ways.  For a long time I justified it because I was so busy being Christ's hands and feet to so many needy children at my previous school.  And looking back- as hard as that was and as much as I poured into loving them- I don't think I was completely wrong in that.  But I've since moved schools, so the emotional and physical sacrifice is different.

I also justified that because I was a single mom with a pretty dead beat ex husband.  Doing it all on my own was really hard in every way, including financially.  I worked really hard to give back the ways that I did, and I do think that the Lord understood.  But that excuse is also now null and void because the Lord has provided Jude and I an amazing husband/father figure who provides help for us in so many ways.

Currently, I do tithe to my church most of my 10% that I make.  The rest of that 10% I put towards sponsoring a child through Compassion International.  I do think that's an awesome thing to do.  I'd like to think that's enough.  And then I read books like Radical or Kisses for Katie, and I wonder if it really is.  Is minimum really good enough?  I mean Christ wandered homeless basically to share truth with the world.  Paul was in chains most of his ministry it seemed like.  Am I really being a good steward?  I just don't really know.  I know I've struggled with budgeting- but I don't need *more* money.  I need to use what I have better.  And I do want to do more.  I want to break the chains that tie me to materialism.  I don't want to need what this world offers.

Recently, the Lord has provided this little side job of sharing oils.  Now, lets not pretend that I make much more than some spending cash on it, because I don't.  But I make something- it's nice to have.  It's also not a need.  So I am committing this extra cash to The Lord.  For now, it's not so hard to give this little bits to him.  Maybe one day it will get harder.  But honestly, the Lord created this whole knowledge, opportunity, everything, so it's honestly His business.  Not mine at all.  (this is always the case...)  So anyway, I just want to say publicly so that I can be held accountable- Money I make off of Young Living oils will be given to a specific cause each month.  I'm going to share the cause each month hoping that I can keep myself on top of it.  And who knows- it could be fun to share what The Lord does with this!

So for this month I gave my $50 to Catholic Charities of Dallas to help with the unaccompanied minors entering our state.  If you aren't aware of the increasingly insane numbers of Latin American children coming across our borders with no families, you need to be.  It's incredibly sad to think about the amount of tragedy these children have experience and continue to experience.  I am hopeful to find more hands on ways to help these children.  Really, I'd just like to find a way to give them my extra bedroom!  But for now, I will be satisfied with donating.  (and if you know of a way I can help out more please let me know!)

I am so thankful The Lord provided oils for my healing and pray He can use this small sum to heal others!

If you would like more info about Young Living Essential Oils, email me at rinehartash@gmail.com or find me on facebook at Ashley Sitton to be invited to an online class myself and a friend are doing on July 31st.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why Young Living won my oily heart

Not oil related- but lovely nonetheless

So I am sold on Young Living these days.  For me, there is just so many reasons I feel 100% comfortable with using these in my home.  I came to that conclusion because that's where I felt the research led me.  I really, really encourage all people to do their own research, but I am going to share some of my main reasons for choosing Young Living Essential Oils.

1- Over 20 years of history in the oil business.  I like this because after a generation, one can tell if there are going to be any adverse effects.  Young Living has been around long enough to know if there is a problem with their oils.  I find that incredibly reassuring to know that they have been truly tested over time.

2.  Years of research.  Research which actually other companies quote.  The frankincense's effect on cancer cells research was done (and is continuing to be done) using Young Living frankincense.  This doesn't mean that other company's frankincense is bad.  But there is a certain comfort in knowing that you know that you know this frankincense has been actually studied as helping with cancer.  And that's just one example.  Most of the research is shared as fact by other companies- it's just what I have found is that the research is based on Young Living oils- and other companies are just repeating their info.
*this is actually the biggest reason I went with Young Living

3.  Effectiveness.  Big oils like the antiviral blends, peppermint, the pain blends were just more effective.  No they don't always smell as sweet or taste as sweet as other brands- but they work better, and I think that's important.  I've also noticed over time that the effects of the Young Living oils seem to last longer than others.  I felt like for pain especially, I had to reapply and reapply and reapply previously.  But with Young Living, the amounts of time between reapplication are longer.

4.  Emotional research + options.  The amount of blends Young Living has for emotional related issues is intense.  Blending oils is a tricky business- and not something an amateur can always effectively do.  With other oils, I had to blend more on my own.  With Young Living, most of them have already been expertly blended for me.  No guessing on the effective and correct amounts of each oil or which oil to put in first (because all these little details make a HUGE difference).  And Young Living is doing an incredible amount of research with emotions and oils- there is an entire kit out new this year targeting the Autistic Spectrum population, as well as those with other similar struggles.  The research and testimonies on it are amazing.  And again, instead of guessing on it yourself, Young Living did the research for you.

5.  Health research + options.  I don't know as much about this, but there are multiple blends Young Living has that target major body systems: heart, muscles, liver, immune system.  I actually tried mixing up my own blend for heart flutters from anxiety.  Which is ok, but it was a total guessing game.  Young Living, again, took the guessing out.  A lot of the oils are ones I put in my blend, but unlike my blend, it is blended with wisdom and knowledge about oils.

6.  Seed to Seal.  This just means that Young Living isn't paying someone else for their oils.  They plant the seeds, grow the seeds, harvest, distill, bottle the entire thing themselves.  Now I am not going to be as die hard about this one simply because I am more of an 'empower the local' person.  And in many ways, this might be the one thing I differ with YL about.  But I will say I like that Young Living is truly an essential oil company in every sense of the word- not just a distributor of oils if that makes sense.

7.  Payment plan.  If you are interested in the business side, I actually think Young Living is more profitable.  For one thing, you make $30 more with Young Living for each person who signs up.  Previously, I would have had to really 'build my pyramid' to do much with it.  Which isn't what I really wanted to do.  I love sharing oils with people, but I have no interest in strategizing some hierarchy plan.  Young Living much more would work for someone like me who likes sharing, but isn't looking to do much with it full time.  I could actually do more than possibly (on a good day) break even!

8.  Research on frequencies.  Young Living studies body frequencies a ton.  I don't understand this completely yet.  However, they studied the frequency of a person who was feeling joy, determined the number, and then set out to create a blend that had the same frequency as a person feeling joy.  Thus you have the Joy blend.  That is amazing to me.  They didn't just blend oils that produce euphoric feelings, there was a mathematical reasoning behind it.  Powerful!

9.  Young Living did it first.  There are plenty of other oil companies now.  Some are perfectly fine and safe.  Some you should use with caution.  But all of them came After Young Living.  And the more I look at other companies, the more I see them compare themselves to Young Living.  Young Living is the standard, the original, and all these other companies are setting themselves up to compete with Young Living.  There might be great things about other companies, but Young Living still started it.  Personally, I prefer the original.

10.  Research.  I just want to repeat that one.  My research confirmed that this was the right company, and I continue to come back amazed with the research that backs this company up.  Even precaution wise.  Young Living has really introduced me to the importance of using precaution with oils and little ones and which ones can cause an adverse reaction.  I can't imagine not knowing this information!   And I certainly can't imagine sharing these with others without that information!

If you would like to know more about Young Living's kit, scroll back because there are posts and posts on my opinions on the kit.  And if you are interested in learning more, email me at rinehartash@gmail.com or click the link to my facebook page Sweetly Worn Blog

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Oily adendum

I am sitting here preparing to have some friends over who have oil questions.  Leading up to this I have been tossing and turning and my stomach has been churning.  As you know I tried both of the big companies in oils over the last month.  I compared them.  Decided on which oil from each I liked.  And then I looked at cost.  And like the good daughter my father raised with down home Midwest money saving ethics, I compared dollar signs and I stopped there.  DoTerra does give me more money back, and dollar for dollar, it is a better deal.  I blogged that.

But my heart has been restless.  I have fought it and fought it because I have a ridiculous and insane amount of love and respect for the lady who introduced me to doTerra.  I have fought it because so many of my friends have signed up under me, and I felt I betrayed them.  I wanted it to be right because I love all these people so much.

But The Lord has not left me alone about it.  I have been beyond restless, beyond peace.  I am going to stand beyond Young Living for personal reasons.  Because of respect for all those I love, I am not going to blog why.  I will tell you to do you own research.  Oh mylanta is this every important!!!!  I have learned TONS this month about oils, and that learning has caused me to rethink what I believed to be true.  That is so so hard, but so so important.

If you are using doTerra, I do think they have great products- some of which I will still buy for myself!  I just want to say for the world that there are things about Young Living that make me feel like my personality and values are more in line with theirs.

But please, research yourself.  I would be happy to talk to you about it more one on one :)

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, 
as working for the Lord, not for men.
~Colossians 3:23