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Sunday, July 27, 2014

On putting my money where my mouth is

I once blogged about giving of the fat of our lives and how that might have looked for me a couple years ago.  My 2012 theme was contentment seeking to reject more wordly things so I could give more.  Many clergy have sought this life through monasteries and such for years, so this is hardly profound.  But it's hard- In some ways, I have rejected some of these things, but other things seem to constantly fill their place.  I daily fight the urge to serve 2 masters. 

I've justified that different ways.  For a long time I justified it because I was so busy being Christ's hands and feet to so many needy children at my previous school.  And looking back- as hard as that was and as much as I poured into loving them- I don't think I was completely wrong in that.  But I've since moved schools, so the emotional and physical sacrifice is different.

I also justified that because I was a single mom with a pretty dead beat ex husband.  Doing it all on my own was really hard in every way, including financially.  I worked really hard to give back the ways that I did, and I do think that the Lord understood.  But that excuse is also now null and void because the Lord has provided Jude and I an amazing husband/father figure who provides help for us in so many ways.

Currently, I do tithe to my church most of my 10% that I make.  The rest of that 10% I put towards sponsoring a child through Compassion International.  I do think that's an awesome thing to do.  I'd like to think that's enough.  And then I read books like Radical or Kisses for Katie, and I wonder if it really is.  Is minimum really good enough?  I mean Christ wandered homeless basically to share truth with the world.  Paul was in chains most of his ministry it seemed like.  Am I really being a good steward?  I just don't really know.  I know I've struggled with budgeting- but I don't need *more* money.  I need to use what I have better.  And I do want to do more.  I want to break the chains that tie me to materialism.  I don't want to need what this world offers. 

Recently, the Lord has provided this little side job of sharing oils.  Now, lets not pretend that I make much more than some spending cash on it, because I don't.  But I make something- it's nice to have.  It's also not a need.  So I am committing this extra cash to The Lord.  For now, it's not so hard to give this little bits to him.  Maybe one day it will get harder.  But honestly, the Lord created this whole knowledge, opportunity, everything, so it's honestly His business.  Not mine at all.  (this is always the case...)  So anyway, I just want to say publicly so that I can be held accountable- Money I make off of Young Living oils will be given to a specific cause each month.  I'm going to share the cause each month hoping that I can keep myself on top of it.  And who knows- it could be fun to share what The Lord does with this!

So for this month I gave my $50 to Catholic Charities of Dallas to help with the unaccompanied minors entering our state.  If you aren't aware of the increasingly insane numbers of Latin American children coming across our borders with no families, you need to be.  It's incredibly sad to think about the amount of tragedy these children have experience and continue to experience.  I am hopeful to find more hands on ways to help these children.  Really, I'd just like to find a way to give them my extra bedroom!  But for now, I will be satisfied with donating.  (and if you know of a way I can help out more please let me know!) 

I am so thankful The Lord provided oils for my healing and pray He can use this small sum to heal others!

If you would like more info about Young Living Essential Oils, email me at rinehartash@gmail.com or find me on facebook at Ashley Sitton to be invited to an online class myself and a friend are doing on July 31st. 

Young Living enroller and sponsor #1831568

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why Young Living won my oily heart

Not oil related- but lovely nonetheless

So I am sold on Young Living these days.  For me, there is just so many reasons I feel 100% comfortable with using these in my home.  I came to that conclusion because that's where I felt the research led me.  I really, really encourage all people to do their own research, but I am going to share some of my main reasons for choosing Young Living Essential Oils.

1- Over 20 years of history in the oil business.  I like this because after a generation, one can tell if there are going to be any adverse effects.  Young Living has been around long enough to know if there is a problem with their oils.  I find that incredibly reassuring to know that they have been truly tested over time.

2.  Years of research.  Research which actually other companies quote.  The frankincense's effect on cancer cells research was done (and is continuing to be done) using Young Living frankincense.  This doesn't mean that other company's frankincense is bad.  But there is a certain comfort in knowing that you know that you know this frankincense has been actually studied as helping with cancer.  And that's just one example.  Most of the research is shared as fact by other companies- it's just what I have found is that the research is based on Young Living oils- and other companies are just repeating their info.
*this is actually the biggest reason I went with Young Living

3.  Effectiveness.  Big oils like the antiviral blends, peppermint, the pain blends were just more effective.  No they don't always smell as sweet or taste as sweet as other brands- but they work better, and I think that's important.  I've also noticed over time that the effects of the Young Living oils seem to last longer than others.  I felt like for pain especially, I had to reapply and reapply and reapply previously.  But with Young Living, the amounts of time between reapplication are longer.

4.  Emotional research + options.  The amount of blends Young Living has for emotional related issues is intense.  Blending oils is a tricky business- and not something an amateur can always effectively do.  With other oils, I had to blend more on my own.  With Young Living, most of them have already been expertly blended for me.  No guessing on the effective and correct amounts of each oil or which oil to put in first (because all these little details make a HUGE difference).  And Young Living is doing an incredible amount of research with emotions and oils- there is an entire kit out new this year targeting the Autistic Spectrum population, as well as those with other similar struggles.  The research and testimonies on it are amazing.  And again, instead of guessing on it yourself, Young Living did the research for you.

5.  Health research + options.  I don't know as much about this, but there are multiple blends Young Living has that target major body systems: heart, muscles, liver, immune system.  I actually tried mixing up my own blend for heart flutters from anxiety.  Which is ok, but it was a total guessing game.  Young Living, again, took the guessing out.  A lot of the oils are ones I put in my blend, but unlike my blend, it is blended with wisdom and knowledge about oils.

6.  Seed to Seal.  This just means that Young Living isn't paying someone else for their oils.  They plant the seeds, grow the seeds, harvest, distill, bottle the entire thing themselves.  Now I am not going to be as die hard about this one simply because I am more of an 'empower the local' person.  And in many ways, this might be the one thing I differ with YL about.  But I will say I like that Young Living is truly an essential oil company in every sense of the word- not just a distributor of oils if that makes sense.

7.  Payment plan.  If you are interested in the business side, I actually think Young Living is more profitable.  For one thing, you make $30 more with Young Living for each person who signs up.  Previously, I would have had to really 'build my pyramid' to do much with it.  Which isn't what I really wanted to do.  I love sharing oils with people, but I have no interest in strategizing some hierarchy plan.  Young Living much more would work for someone like me who likes sharing, but isn't looking to do much with it full time.  I could actually do more than possibly (on a good day) break even!

8.  Research on frequencies.  Young Living studies body frequencies a ton.  I don't understand this completely yet.  However, they studied the frequency of a person who was feeling joy, determined the number, and then set out to create a blend that had the same frequency as a person feeling joy.  Thus you have the Joy blend.  That is amazing to me.  They didn't just blend oils that produce euphoric feelings, there was a mathematical reasoning behind it.  Powerful!

9.  Young Living did it first.  There are plenty of other oil companies now.  Some are perfectly fine and safe.  Some you should use with caution.  But all of them came After Young Living.  And the more I look at other companies, the more I see them compare themselves to Young Living.  Young Living is the standard, the original, and all these other companies are setting themselves up to compete with Young Living.  There might be great things about other companies, but Young Living still started it.  Personally, I prefer the original.

10.  Research.  I just want to repeat that one.  My research confirmed that this was the right company, and I continue to come back amazed with the research that backs this company up.  Even precaution wise.  Young Living has really introduced me to the importance of using precaution with oils and little ones and which ones can cause an adverse reaction.  I can't imagine not knowing this information!   And I certainly can't imagine sharing these with others without that information!

If you would like to know more about Young Living's kit, scroll back because there are posts and posts on my opinions on the kit.  And if you are interested in learning more, email me at rinehartash@gmail.com or click the link to my facebook page Sweetly Worn Blog

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Oily adendum

I am sitting here preparing to have some friends over who have oil questions.  Leading up to this I have been tossing and turning and my stomach has been churning.  As you know I tried both of the big companies in oils over the last month.  I compared them.  Decided on which oil from each I liked.  And then I looked at cost.  And like the good daughter my father raised with down home Midwest money saving ethics, I compared dollar signs and I stopped there.  DoTerra does give me more money back, and dollar for dollar, it is a better deal.  I blogged that.

But my heart has been restless.  I have fought it and fought it because I have a ridiculous and insane amount of love and respect for the lady who introduced me to doTerra.  I have fought it because so many of my friends have signed up under me, and I felt I betrayed them.  I wanted it to be right because I love all these people so much.

But The Lord has not left me alone about it.  I have been beyond restless, beyond peace.  I am going to stand beyond Young Living for personal reasons.  Because of respect for all those I love, I am not going to blog why.  I will tell you to do you own research.  Oh mylanta is this every important!!!!  I have learned TONS this month about oils, and that learning has caused me to rethink what I believed to be true.  That is so so hard, but so so important.

If you are using doTerra, I do think they have great products- some of which I will still buy for myself!  I just want to say for the world that there are things about Young Living that make me feel like my personality and values are more in line with theirs.

But please, research yourself.  I would be happy to talk to you about it more one on one :)

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, 
as working for the Lord, not for men.
~Colossians 3:23

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Will my favorite oil company please stand up?

not dT, not YL, but WAY CUTER

So how'd it shake out- my whole doTerra vs Young Living experiment?

Well in a sense it's Coke vs. Pepsi- its not that one is inherently better- it's a matter of preference.

So what do I prefer?


Will I still buy from Young Living? - um heck yes!  Their peppermint oil works SO much better for me.  They have so many blends and oils doTerra just doesn't have (yet-hopefully...).  There is plenty to love about Young Living- they are effective, they are a great natural alternative, they honestly were the original company and that demands complete respect, and they have a TON of products.  

Here's why when given the choice I will go with doTerra:

1- I am sure there is an exception to this somewhere but I've yet to find it- ALL doTerra oils are $2-$20 cheaper than YL.  That's just looking at basic cost- not considering 'member perks' which I will get to in a minute.  Example- dT geranium oil is $27 (wholesale).  YL geranium oil is $40(wholesale).  If you are on a budget (which I am) dT is more affordable.  And dT makes great products.  If you read my previous posts- there are oils here and there I prefer YL for- but by and large I found the oils to be equal in effectiveness.  If I can get two products equally pure and equally effective, I am going to go with the better deal.

2- Free products are easier with dT- In order to earn the product of the month with dT I have to spend 125.  This isn't hard to do if sharing the order with a few family members.  
        It's also incredibly easy to share dT enough to pay for your oils.  The amount of 'business' I do with dT is strictly to subsidize the oils I do buy.  With commissions, I spend max $50 a month in oils, but honestly, I probably get them for about free.  YL requires you to spend 190 minimum to earn their free product.  That just overwhelms me to figure out how to do that.  Even if I share that order with friends- its a lot to pay up front on my own.  Then have to get the money from others.  Not easy.

3- I earn more points back with dT.  Within a year of being in the Loyalty Rewards Program with dT, I can earn 30% back.  That means if I am buying 100pv (dollars) of oils, I really am only spending $70 because I will get the 30pv back each time!  Within a year at YL, the most you ever earn is 20%.  So that is a whole $10+ a month less.

4- doTerra has free shipping.  Sort of.  You get 100% of your shipping costs back in points.  So if I spend $100 on dT each month + $7 shipping, I am earning $37 in oil money each month.  YL does not have a free shipping plan.  Technically they say their Essential Rewards program has cheaper shipping, but when I've looked at it, it really is only like $2 cheaper.  That doesn't amount to much.  I'll take free.

This doesn't mean I won't supplement with Young Living- I definitely will.  I mean I signed up for the Essential Rewards with them and figure I can order 50pv easily with them.  And I will happily share my discount and split shipping with you each month.   I love thieves, purification, and peppermint.  I can't wait to try Release.  I will definitely own Gentle Baby the next time I have a baby of my own.  I still have a lot to learn about Young Living and plan to continue to explore my options with them.  There will probably be many a follow up post about the two.  But for now, Young Living is going to be my supplement company- not my main company.  They are great, but doTerra works better for where I am financially. They do have great products and I applaud you if you are using them because you are keeping your family healthy, naturally.  Good for you!!!!!  But doTerra will be my go to.  It's affordable and the products are also great.  

Incidentally, my Young Living order will go through on the 21st.  If you would like to order anything, comment below, message me on fb, or email me at rinehartash@gmail.com.  (open to local residents only)  I share my discount (24%) and split shipping!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Book Club

One summer a wonderful friend of mine started a book club for all the teachers from Lee Elementary to join.  I'm not even sure how many years ago this was anymore.  Maybe 5.  We've read a lot of books together during the summers.  Stalked a Denton murderers house together.  Eaten a lot of brunch foods together.  Watched each other have babies.  Watched those babies grow up.  Seen babies happen who no one expected to happen.  The original founder moved to Seattle last year, but book club keeps going.  One of our members is moving to West Texas this summer.  A new teacher has since joined our ranks.  I am sure these movements won't be the last both in and out of the group.

Sometimes you are just looking down at your book and thinking about book club and you realized you are blessed to have something that has been a part of your life for close to 5 years.  So thankful for the amazing people I got to know while I was teaching at Lee.  #1000gifts

At book club this week #timemarcheson - I think I was probably pregnant when book club started.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Tale of Two Oil Companies- part 6

Recap:  I started using doTerra in January and have since grown very overwhelmed by the various pieces of info I gathered along the way regarding doTerra and Young Living.  I knew enough to know why each one considered itself the best, and figured both were probably decent.  But that didn't stop my questions.  I ended up buying both and I'm sharing my thoughts here.  So far, I have decided I prefer doTerra lemon and doTerra frankincense.  I am mostly neutral on both lavenders.  I prefer Young Living peppermint for headaches.  However, the past few days I have been very congested and put a drop of Young Living peppermint on the roof of my mouth, I have to say again, I preferred the taste of doTerra.  I do still prefer to use Young Living peppermint though.  In part 4, I decided I liked YL purification, however had nothing to compare it to.  I prefer YL Pan Away due to my sensitivity to peppermint.  I love YL Thieves, although it is strong, so I would probably still use On Guard with Jude.  In part 5, I discussed the four oils contained in the doTerra kit that pertain to physical wellness.  It is my opinion that those oils are very necessary for a healthy home, and I like that doTerra included them.  All of these comments are simply my experience and opinion.  They in no way represent facts, science, or medical advice.  Always do your own research first.

As I've mentioned, the Young Living kit includes oils that are emotional wellness related.  I have some of these compatible oils by doTerra which I will sort of compare them to.  All of the Young Living oils you see in these pictures are part of the enrollment kit.  The doTerra compatible oils are ones I have bought separately.

I want to be super clear on emotional based oils- these are extremely dependent on personal chemistry.  When I first started using anxiety medication, my doctor told me that finding the right pill was like dating.  You have to date around until you find what works.  This is the same with anxiety/depression/mood related oils.  All these reviews have to do with how the oils react with MY chemistry.  You may have a completely different experience with each of these oils.  

 Stress Away, Joy, Citrus Bliss

How I use it:  These are all blends I use in the diffuser more than anything.  Joy is probably my favorite out of all 3.  I also used joy quite a bit during my Young Living only week.  I will say that none of these 3 oils make a significant impact on my anxiety.  I did recently read of someone who uses Joy and puts it over her heart while quoting "The joy of the Lord is my strength".  I loved that!  I've started doing that pretty regularly.  

Smell:  From the bottle, it reminds me of cheap flowers and a smoky hotel room.  However, diffused, it has this baby soft floral scent.  It also has this same scent when it mixes with my own chemistry.  
Taste: not for consumption
Effectiveness:  I do use joy several times a day.  I will probably continue to buy this oil from Young Living, and would recommend it.  I don't think it makes me joyful, and it isn't what I would need in the midst of panic, but it does bring me a bit of happy peace.  Note- the doTerra version of Joy is Elevation.  I don't own that oil, but I actually really like it.  I actually ordered it in my latest dT order- I will try to blog a comparison in the coming weeks.

Overall:  I like this oil.  I especially like diffusing this oil.  I will continue to buy it.

As far as Stress Away and Citrus Bliss go- neither of these are blends I use much.  They both have a citrusy sweet smell.  Citrus Bliss is more orange creamsicle whereas Stress Away is more Limey.  Again, these aren't really oils I ended up drawn to much.

 Whisper, Peace & Calming, Serenity

How I use it:  Whisper is my very favorite mood oil I have.  If I don't have it, I feel like a crazy person. I HAVE to have this during the day.  It is my "medication" for anxiety.  I use it and literally feel my tension fade within minutes.  When I did my Young Living only week- I substituted Peace and Calming for this one.  They both have patchouli in it.  Patchouli, vetiver, bergamot, and ylang ylang are the 4 oils I notice I am really a fan of in my blends particularly.
Jude and Jimmy both use Peace & Calming for sleep.
Jude also uses Serenity for sleep.  Serenity is great for babies.  I love diffusing serenity.  However, for my anxiety, serenity doesn't really fix my problem.  It's mostly a lavender based one.  Again, I need the thick oils like vetiver and patchouli.

Smell:  Whisper smells like tree bark and roses to me.  It's kind of a weird smell because the vetiver is in high concentrations I believe.  Peace & Calming smells like Patchouli!!!  I finally just started only putting it on my feet because I hated the smell.  It reminded me of my senior year English teacher.  Serenity is by far the best smelling- it smells like chocolate and flowers to me!
Taste- none are edible
Effectiveness:  Whisper is very effective for my anxiety needs.  Peace and Calming was good, but it didn't work for me as good as Whisper.  However, P&C is the only oil Jimmy has effectively used to sleep, so we will still be using it a lot.  I do use it on Jude, although I think he is immune to the effects of oils settling his brain :)  Nothing calms that child down for long.  Jude uses serenity in his dream spray, and seems to really like that one.  I do think it helps him.  Again, he just is slightly calmer- not going straight to sleep.

Overall:  For my purposes, I will never go another week without Whisper in my life again.  However, Peace and Calming is a good oil, and we will probably keep it on hand in our house.  Especially for my boys :)

Valor, Balance

How I use it:  I have been using balance daily on my feet.  I used valor in place of balance during my week with Young Living.  I mostly put it on my feet, neck, wrists.  Same spots I put whisper.  I ended up using Valor quite a bit because I hated the smell of Peace & Calming so much.

Smell:  Balance and Valor used to have the same exact ingredients in them.  Recently, Balance changed from rosewood to howood.  Now Balance has a less woodsy, more flowery smell.  However- valor smells exactly as I remember the old Balance smelling.
Taste:  not for consumption
Effectiveness:  I found substituting valor for balance to be just as effective.  These are oils I think can be used interchangeably.  

Overall:  I prefer the woodsy smell of Valor, so I will probably try to use it as much as possible.  However, there has been some unavailability issues with Valor, so given that I may purchase Balance as well.  In the end, it doesn't matter to me, because I really think they work the same.  It's the smell of Valor that I prefer.

This ends my oil specific comparisons.  Here's how they shake up:

Oils I don't have a preference on:  Lavender
YL:  Peace & Calming, Joy, Stress Away, Purificiation
dT:  Slim n sassy, Breathe, Oregano

Prefer doTerra:  digestZen, Lemon, Frankincense (side note- dT uses a different type of frankincense than Young Living- you would have to look up the latin names and compare them that way.)

Prefer Young Living:  Valor, Thieves, Pan Away, Peppermint

Overall, I liked all my Young Living oils.  I also still like my doTerra oils.  Most of the oils were unable to be fully compared.  I am planning on getting some of the specific ones in doTerra to compare to Joy and Purification soon, so expect updated posts.  I'd also like to compare some of the doTerra oils like breathe and digestZen to the Young Living ones over time.  In summary though, I do actually prefer more Young Living oils (4) than doTerra (3).  8 of the oils are either fully neutral or unable to be compared at this time.  

I don't have any desire or plan to fully depart from doTerra.  There is a lot to love about doTerra.  However, Young Living is a good company.  The biggest difference overall to me is that doTerra is just more gentle.  It's very slightly more gentle, but it really seems more gentle to me.  Kind of like it moisturizes my skin maybe?  whereas YL seems to leave my skin drier?  I honestly can't explain it.   This is why I recommend trying them yourself :)  I do know that if given the choice for Jude- I will probably use dT because of the gentle factor.

I really believe oils are life changing and important for all families.  But remember to do your own research.  I would recommend getting samples from each or buying a few from each and comparing yourself.  If you would like to try something from either company, you can message me.  I order from doTerra each month on the 2nd and from Young Living each month on the 21st.  You are welcome to order through me and try any oil or oils you want as you search out your own decision.

*I will come back and do a follow up post on which company I will be using most and why.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Tale of Two Oil Companies- part 5

Recap:  I started using doTerra in January and have since grown very overwhelmed by the various pieces of info I gathered along the way regarding doTerra and Young Living.  I knew enough to know why each one considered itself the best, and figured both were probably decent.  But that didn't stop my questions.  I ended up buying both and I'm sharing my thoughts here.  So far, I have decided I prefer doTerra lemon and doTerra frankincense.  I am mostly neutral on both lavenders.  I prefer Young Living peppermint for headaches.  However, the past few days I have been very congested and put a drop of Young Living peppermint on the roof of my mouth, I have to say again, I preferred the taste of doTerra.  I do still prefer to use Young Living peppermint though.  In part 4, I decided I liked YL purification, however had nothing to compare it to.  I prefer YL Pan Away due to my sensitivity to peppermint.  I love YL Thieves, although it is strong, so I would probably still use On Guard with Jude.  All of these comments are simply my experience and opinion.  They in no way represent facts, science, or medical advice.  Always do your own research first.

This post will be slightly tricky because there is such different products in the kits from here on out.  I am going to do my best to compare each one to a product I have.

I'm going to start with the 4 doTerra oils I received in the Enrollment Kit- and why I particularly love one of them.
The oils pictured come in the doTerra Physician Kit.  
The DigestZen softgels labeled extra were something I purchased extra.

Slim N Sassy

How I use it:  I just use it in a roller vial on the backs of my legs and my stomach where I have cellulite and baby fat.  It is supposed to curb appetite mainly.

Smell:  cinnamony/fruity?
Taste:  cinnamon and fruit- I'm not a fan of the taste.  It's got ginger in it as well- one of my least favorite flavors ever
Effectiveness:  I haven't noticed much difference on my stomach, but it has helped with my leg cellulite!!!  I can't even believe it honestly.

Overall:  This can be compared to YL Slique Essence, which I know very little about.  Slim N Sassy is a good oil.  One of my team gave some to her mom who said it gives her energy she hasn't had in years!  It comes free with the physician kit.  I would probably never buy it on my own.  I just kind of started using it because I had it.


How I use it:  My biggest success stories with Breathe include when Jude gets colds/croup.  This oil (along with peppermint and frankincense) has eliminated Jude's need to be on steroids from getting croup.   We have made it from February to June without any doctor visits, which is remarkable for us.  Breathe focuses on the lungs and helping them function well.  Jude has done really well with this.  Breathe and On Guard have definitely helped me with colds over the semester as well.  This is similar to RC by YL which I have never tried.

Smell:  reminds me of Vapor Rub
Taste:  Not made for ingestion
Effectiveness:  excellent for croup!  It's helped with colds, but its effectiveness on croup is what has amazed me.  I put it on Jude the second he starts coughing.  Normally he got terrible croup each time.  This semester- nothing!

Overall:  Because I wanted to prevent illness and doctor's visits in my home, having this oil in the kit was a real selling point.  This oil has DEFINITELY saved me a couple hundred dollars at least by not having to take Jude to the doctor.  It has truly helped his body function.  


How I use it:  This is a must in my flu bomb.  There is a really great video out there about how oregano and melaleuca work together to break down and implode viruses and bacteria.  This oil is a must for me.  It's included in the doTerra kit, but not Young Living.  Again, doTerra is a true physician kit.  Young Living is more of an assortment of oils.

Smell:  Like an italian restaurant :)
Taste:  HOT.  This oil burns like crazy!  This is why it's so effective- it literally burns the pathogens out of you.  However- you must be careful with this one and dilute it quite a bit.
Effectiveness:  VERY.  Kills all pathogens in a ridiculous amount of time.

Overall:  again, would not be without this one.  It is extremely effective at burning away anything bad on or in your body.  This came in the doTerra kit, but not the Young Living kit.  Again, doTerra is a physician kit- the oils picked for it were picked based on their effectiveness at helping the body heal.


How I use it:  Can I just say this oil is one of my favorites?  I take 2 drops daily in a convenient capsule made by doTerra.  It can be used for any tummy issues/digestive issue/acid reflux.  
Smell:  Like licorice- I believe it's the fennel.
Taste:  Gross- like licorice
Effectiveness:  AMAZING.  Without this oil, I struggle with digesting all foods.  I get stomach aches of all kinds.  Essentially, I have some sort of GI/IBS/food sensitivity issue.  Taking this in a capsule each day has eliminated those symptoms COMPLETELY.  The key for me is daily use.  If I slack off, my symptoms kick up again.  With daily use, it helps my body balance and function correctly.

Overall:  This is similar to diGize by Young Living.  However I have no plans to try that one.  DigestZen by doTerra is working so well for me- and since those are symptoms I have no desire to disrupt- I just am not messing with a good thing.  Also, I don't know if YL has it already in capsule form for me or not.  doTerra is really good about making certain things convenient.  Again the comparative oil is not in the YL set.

Young Living and doTerra truly truly differ in the contents of the kits.  That was one of the biggest reasons I went with doTerra originally.  So many of the oils in the doTerra kit I truly use daily.  That's not the case with Young Living.  They just don't have all the wellness oils I need in their kit.

There are a lot of things that make Young Living great, but as a mom, I needed a physician kit.  Even as I think about this process of comparing the two kits, I keep coming back to the fact that what I need is in the doTerra kit.  The other thing I've noticed is that doTerra is really gentle on the skin.  That's not to say that Young Living is harsh- it's not.  I feel like most doTerra oils I can use neat without any worries at all.  (Peppermint being an exception with me, again though, this is a personal sensitivity.  Most people do not have this strong of a reaction to peppermint.)  Young Living leaves an oilyness to my skin at first, and then I feel like my skin gets really dry?  I can't quite put my finger on it.  There's just a subtle gentleness to doTerra that makes me super comfortable about using them on Jude.  Take Thieves for example- on me the strong burn would be great.  With Jude, though, I would prefer On Guard.  I know On Guard is amazingly powerful in its own right- but it's still fairly gentle on his skin (though I would still use that one diluted on little ones.)  To me, doTerra is just baby soft.

I promise there really will be only one more post.  But here are 3 reasons I love the doTerra kit as well as an overall reason I have noticed to love about doTerra.